Ricotta Basket Vac 2kg

Traditional Cows Milk Ricotta 2kg Basket

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In 1956, a young Umberto Somma arrived in Australia with no more than a few shillings in his pocket, a 90 litre copper pan and a dream. The young man from a small Italian village of Pimonte in Napoli, set about to introduce Australia to his traditional Italian fresh specialty cheeses. Umberto’s traditional Italian cheese making processes are the legacy that he has passed onto his two sons Joseph and Max, who now lead the Paesanella Cheese Manufacturers organisation. Their commitment to never compromise the quality, formula and vision of their product is testament to the true Italian cheese making way. Paesanella Cheese Manufacturers is now a brand that is recognised widely in the Australian dairy industry as an award winning, high quality product and are widely used in the hospitality industry from catering to fine dining restaurants. 

Ricotta cheese is a creamy type of cheese that you are able to scoop out of a container with a spoon. The appearance is similar to cottage cheese, but is drier with a grainier texture. 

Over 4 liters of milk go in one kilo of Paesanella Fresh Pure Milk Ricotta and that’s why it’s more expensive than other ricottas available. By using only milk you get to try a Ricotta like no others. Creamier and sweeter, smoother and softer than your average ricotta. They are also the only company in Australia that are able to produce this type of product since it’s very delicate and requires a lot of knowledge and experience. 

Fresh milk is heated in a stainless steel vat, when ready, the curds will float and are scooped out. After it has drained in colanders for at least 4-6 hours in a cool room, it is ready to be packed or served.

Paesanella don’t use any powders or preservatives and that’s why their Traditional Ricotta should be consumed within 3 weeks. If a Ricotta lasts 4 months on the shelf, it was probably made with casein and whey powder.

Weight: 1kg - Fixed Weight

Type: Fresh Curd

Milk: Cow

Region: Sydney, NSW


Brand Paesanella
Unit Of Measure 2kg